We are well into 2015

WOW!  Did January go by fast or what?  I have intended to write a full blog for several weeks, but the pace of “retirement” is faster than I expected; of course, I love it.  As a youngster I learned of Jesus being “about the Father’s business” and I made the assumption that is what I was to be throughout my life.  I celebrate and certainly don’t judge my minister friends who actually retire, but to be honest, I hope I am so busy that when I die I am surprised.

The ministry at Level Grove where I serve as ‘Temporary-Part-Time Minister of Music” is going strong.  Yes, the music ministry is growing, but so is everything else.  God is working and so are His folks.  Brian James lives in the “real world,” but has “real faith” as he leads not only from the pulpit, but in his daily activity.  He has set the pace and his staff and church family are following his lead.

I continue to sing regularly with about 250 of my closest friends, the Sons of Jubal, the Georgia Baptist Men’s Chorus,  conduct workshops, and sing a few concerts along the way.  My 2015 calendar is filling up and I am grateful.

I actually have written two other blogs this month, but am not quite ready to publish either.  One has to do with my thirty-five Christmas Celebrations, I’m counting the one I am writing now, and the other about corp0rate worship.  I want to spend some more time with each.  I realize only a handful of people read my blogs, yet if it is going to be in print, I want it to say what I really….want it to say.  God has so bless Dorothy and me and our ministry these  fifty years of ministry.   (Dot and I started dating just as I was beginning ministry.) I want my words to reflect what He has put deep within my “gut.” (I won’t use the OT word….) I hope to get to those writings soon.

In the mean time, “I’m gonna keep on singin’…….”



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