Several Thousand Singers

Earlier today I posted a Facebook note acknowledging I didn’t know if anyone read my blog.  Well, the past few hours, I have learned there are quite a few of you and I am a bit shocked, and for certain, humbled.   These blog posts are simply “overflow thoughts” of my current and past ministry.  As I sit here this evening, I have been thanking God for the literally thousands who have sung with me the past fifty years.  I have had the thrill of leading choirs of eight or ten singers and choirs of more than two hundred.   I started as a clueless kid and now just an old “song and dance man,” yet my heart fifty years ago was to glorify the Lord, be an encourager to the saints, and witness to those who don’t know Christ.  I have the same  heart today.

I love to think about it and it would be a real hoot to know actually how many singers and how many songs. There must be a least a couple of thousand singers and tens of thou… uh, countless songs.   However, as much as I enjoy thinking back, I am most excited about the “next song.”

If you are reading this post and are an active singer in your choir, praise God for you; please remain faithful.   If you are reading this and are not singing and know you should, get in gear, use your gifts, sharpen your skills and partner with you minister of music and the faithful singers in your church choir.  Be a part of a great army of “singers unto the Lord.”  Yes, I like large numbers in the church choir.   Quoting my good friend, John Waters, numbers are important because every number is a person and every person has a story.  Your “story” and faith journey shows as a testimony of faith in your singing.

The world watches and listens to the way God’s people worship…..

Attempt great things for God….Expect great things from God

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