“Retired” one year… really?

Today marks exactly one year that I have been “retired.”  Well, I did retire…..uh….  Well, uh…. I thought I retired…….uh…  Actually, all I did was retire  from my greatly loved full-time church staff ministry as music man at FBC Statesboro.  I guess I’ll never really retire and to be honest, I hope I never do.  I hope I am so busy that I’m shocked when the Lord calls me home.

This spring has been a “hoot.”  I have the joy of leading the Level Grove Music Ministry each week.  It is a thrill to partner with this marvelous church staff, music team, and church family.  After nine months with Level Grove, I could already write a book; it would be a very good book.

In addition to Level Grove, I have the honor of regularly singing with the Sons of Jubal and leading workshops and conferences, a few solo concerts, and am always eager to go through whatever doors the Lord opens.

This past week I had the joy of leading music along with an amazing choir and music team for the spring revival of Northside Baptist Church in Milledgeville, Georgia.  The guest preacher, Larry Wynn, and I partnered with Pastor, Dr. Jerry Pickard, and Minister of Music, Billy Sutton, along with the rest of the church staff and church family for  four days of revival services. God got all over us.  The house was full each night in most services; so was the altar.    It was wonderful and down the road I plan to write a blog specifically about this week and this amazing church.

Looking at the next several weeks, I’ll be at Level Grove most Sundays, but I also have the honor of serving as clinician for SSS, Seniors Singing By the Sea at Jekyll Island.  This is an annual choir festival sponsored by the Music and Worship Department of the Georgia Baptist Convention.  In addition, we will attend the graduation of our grandson, Trevor,  at  Georgia Southern University.  Then, I have the opportunity to sing with the Jubals and the Jubalheirs as we record a brand new CD of great hymns and anthems of faith.  The next day, Dorothy and I will attend the first “pre-screening” of the new movie, ONE CHURCH in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  (I had the honor of playing the role of Pastor Robert Young in the film.) The national premier of  ONE CHURCH  will be in Washington DC September 17th.

I return from these events to lead music for the graduation Sunday at Level Grove and then the Level Grove Choir begins serious rehearsal on the music for our new recording.  Of course, very soon we’ll begin preparing music for our Celebration of Freedom and  Christmas Celebration 2015.

God has blessed Dorothy and me beyond measure.  We give Him all the glory.

Yep, I’m retired……. I wonder what the “full-time” guys do…...



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