Great Opportunities

This morning I am studying scores for a choir retreat at Union Baptist Church in Winder, Georgia.  My good friend, Brian Faglier, is minister of music. Brian is a fantastic musician with a great spirit and heart for ministry.  He is the “keyboard man” for the Sons of Jubal and has a great understanding of how to make the electronic keyboard amazingly effective in worship and accompanying.  I am truly honored to be asked to partner with him in this retreat.

As I study and prepare this music, I am taken with what I know to be so true, the Gospel is the Gospel in any spoken or musical “language.”  Some of these songs are brand new to me, yet I am experiencing the passion for Christ in the texts and in the musical scores.   Brian has taken the time to seriously consider each song and its place in worship.  Though these choral pieces are arranged for corporate worship, they are a great blessing to me personally as I sit at my desk alone.

Retirement is not quitting work, at least for me.  For me, retirement is simply allowing me to spend time doing what I do best, the part of ministry I love most, spending time with the Lord, with people, and leading choirs and orchestras without the responsibility and “busy work” of the full time minister of music.

I can “talk to a brick,” but so far God has given me  plenty of people to visit and get to know in our “new world.”  I have a great group of men that I drink coffee with each morning.  Men from all walks of life around the same table.  Some saints and some …..  This is exactly what the the church and from my perspective, the church choir  should be.

There are people everywhere that need a friend and many Christ.  I met a young 23 year old man in a local business this week.  As I often do, I ask, “Do you sing in a choir?”  If I hear, “No,” I follow with, “Should you?”  So often the answer is ….”Well, I did when I was  younger,” or “I guess I ought to.”  This was the case with this young man.  I found that his folks were gone and apparently he doesn’t have many folks around him.  I am praying and encouraging him to come sing with me.  As Captain York would say, “The woods if full of ’em.”  All we need to go is go get them and love them.




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