Christmas Celebration ?

For the first time in thirty-eight years, I have not written nor am I directing a nearly two hour Christmas Celebration.  Do I miss the work, the stress, the several hundred singers, instrumentalists, the actors, dancers, large media team, the sets, the crowds, the JOY?  Well….yes, yes I do. HOWEVER, this year I have the opportunity lead a totally marvelous and gracious family of singers and instrumentalist, The Poplar Springs Choir,  as we lead a very powerful and beautiful celebration, THE MIRACLE OF CHRISTMAS, at Poplar Springs Baptist Church, Lavonia, Georgia.  The Sunday morning, December 9th, “music and the Word” worship service will be led by Pastor Bruce McGee.  We will sing the Gospel and Bruce will speak the Gospel.

After well over fifty years of ministry,  the “next” opportunity is always the best and Poplar Springs is my next opportunity as I am honored to serve as interim music man.    These dear folks join the several thousands singers, keyboard players, horn-blowers, drum beaters, camera operators, sound engineers, etc. that have partnered with me over the years in  sharing the Gospel story of the birth of Christ.

Regardless of the size of the church or the choir, the central theme is the love a grace God has poured on us in the person of Jesus Christ.  Believers are weary of this “new world” that is working hard to skirt and even apologize for  the fact that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ.  Of course, the world has always rejected God, but it seems with all the world wide multiple media outlets, including social media, everyone who rejects Christ are on full-press attack.  The saddest thing this that too many believers, in the name of love, don’t want to upset and have become introvert Christians, fearful to be the witness Christ has called us to be.  It is not my job to attempt to force Christ on anyone.  I simply hate to see people miss out on the amazing grace found in Jesus Christ.

Now I don’t believe any believer should be obnoxious, rude, or in-your-face,  but it is time for us to unapologetically declare our faith in the shed blood of Christ that pour out on all who trust Him His love, grace, forgiveness, abundant and eternal life.  Christmastime is an easy time to invite believes and unbelievers alike to special Christmas Celebrations, concerts, worship service, Christmas Eve candlelight services, and even cantatas.

If your church is presenting a special Christmas program, be there, invite, and even bring family and friends.  One single event like this can revolutionize your Christmas and when you look into the eyes of the Baby Jesus, you will see the Risen Savior.  

If  you don’t have a church home and are even close to Northeast Georgia, join us a Poplar Springs, Sunday morning, December 9, 11:00.  The entire month of December is focused on the Miracle of Christmas as Pastor Bruce shares each Lord’s Day from God Word.


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