Religion in School

Last week a high school friend of mine posted a question on Face Book, “Should ‘religion’ be taught in School?” and then posed “would that be all religion or just mine?”  

It was late, I was tired, but as I pondered the question, thoughts just began to pour out of me. So, I began to write.  I didn’t start out to write an essay, but…….  (BTW, I’m not hung up on the “Prayer in School” issue. I didn’t include prayer as an issue in my commPrayerents that night, but I guarantee I prayed in school. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that prayer is the only reason I ever received a degree of any kind.

I don’t understand why the “screaming zealots” should expect unbelievers to act and think like believes.  God loves everyone, but if they don’t know Him, why should they think we should pray?  I do believe, however, the reason prayer has “officially” been thrown out and that governments and administrators attempt to ignore God, is that they are afraid they might have to answer to Him.  There is that “God shaped void” in everyone’s life, that hard as they try, they cannot ultimately ignore.

Here are my late night comments:

No! Religion should not be taught in public schools. However, to deny  God and to reprimand faith has brought us to where we are today.

Though certainly not all were Christians, previous generations in America, the men and women that built this nation, were trained in schools that recognized God. There are great men and women who are not religious, yet they respect the constitutional right for others to exercise their faith. I do not believe the schools are a place for religious rituals, but why, after multiple generations of successful education, has it become a bad thing to openly have faith.

Insecure people have to demand power and control.  If they acknowledge God, that takes away their ultimate power. They have to recognize they are not “all knowledge.” This exacerbates their insecurity and they ignore God.

I am amused by the atheist that whines because people practice faith in something that “doesn’t exist”.  If God doesn’t exit, what ‘s the big deal?  He is obviously afraid he might be wrong.

Back to the religion in school issue: A strong man never has to “act” strong, he just is.   A truly rich man never has to “act” rich, he just is. A smart man ever has to “act” smart, he just is.  A man of faith, doesn’t have to “act out his religion,” you can see it in his actions, they way he lives his life,  and that scares “today’s progressive man.”

The “good old days” weren’t all that good. We had problems in schools, we got in fights, we even argued with teachers and administrators, but at the end of the day, there was respect for each other. Sometimes we were offended, insulted. Sometimes we didn’t win, yet we learned how to live life I the real world. Two guys could punch each other in the nose, but then go drink a cup of coffee together.   Whiners just had to whine and we would stay, “Grow up, you don’t always get your way.  That’s the way life is.”

No, religion should not be taught in school, but the principles of faith and how to live life are mapped out in the Bible. We are in the mess we are in today, because what is taught in, what I believe to be God’s Word, has been thrown out.