All State

Today I visited seven of my former students from the music ministry of FBC Statesboro at the Georgia Baptist All-State Choir and Orchestra rehearsal in Toccoa. Saturday morning, these students with over one hundred of their peers will head for Baltimore and Washington DC for concerts and mission projects.

I am so honored to have been part of these students lives through the years as they have sung and played with the FBC Music Ministry while I was Minister of Music.

One of the greatest joys of retirement is that I am thrilled to connect with students, like these, who served with me as long a forty-five years ago. What a joy to connect with there dear friends, most of which are parents and some grandparents. I would love to know how many have sung and played with me these past fifty years, I know the number is in the thousands.

Thank you Father, for the marvelous joy of singing/playing and teaching others to sing/play in worship.